Blazing Beaks is a roguelite shooter where all the action takes place in Beaks world. The life of peaceful beaks is unexpectedly disturbed by sudden out of nowhere invasion of monsters, beasts and other creatures. The strongest and fearless heroes are chosen to blaze through the enemies and find the origin of evil.
You can take the courage and blow up invaders in pieces alone or you can unite with your friend and clear your way to the glory with double power. These conquests require lots of training and preparation which can be achieved by playing up to 4 players in tournament mode.

Various unique world areas

Endless piles of enemies

Co-op experience

Fun tournament modes

The game is still in development process. We keep adding new content, polishing the game and trying to make it as fun as possible. If you would like to get news related to Blazing Beaks and other our projects, please subscribe for newsletter below.


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What are the game modes and how many players can play the game?

Story mode is an explosive adventure in roguelite fashion. It can be played by 1-2 local players. If you would like to compete with your friends - no problem! Tournament mode is the arena shooter and can be played by 2-4 local players.

Does the game have online multiplayer?

No. But you still can enjoy it playing with your friends locally.

Can I use the game footage for youtube or stream gameplay using any broadcasting service?

No doubt! We love seeing others playing and enjoying Blazing Beaks!

Is it a full game version?

It's an Early Access version and full release is coming VERY SOON.

Feel free to contact us at: